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featuring our latest addition | mae handsoap

I'd really been wanting to add a hand soap to our shoppe collection - I think I searched for at least two months to find a product I felt safe about sharing + something that was aesthetically pleasing to boot. Enter MAE - a small shop in Newburg, OR, who creates some of the most beautiful home + skin products, vegan + palm free. They believe the everyday products in our homes should influence our days for the better. We've started with a small batch of the Lavender hand soap + are planning on adding a new fragrance and hand cream later in the fall. Notes in the lavender include ylang ylang, black pepper and lemon - it's extra soothing and relaxing.

Anytime I'm curating product for the shoppe my first preference is a female owned business, second I look for companies that give back (so that you and I can give back too!), of course the quality and that it's functional, but pretty. MAE has really checked all the boxes. If you haven't tried our newest addition, grab one on the shop page + let me know how much you love it, too !

xx - dani

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