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diving into fall with our new shoppe drop

If you've been following over on IG - you've probably seen a few peaks of the new fall collection coming to the shoppe later this month. I'm always torn around this time of year - I don't want summer to end - but I'm so ready to embrace the cozy fall season. So - even though we're hoping for a few more pool weekends and long Sundays in the sunshine, let's chat what's coming up. We can have BOTH. Right ?

When curating this collection, I decided to drop pieces in two parts, first a few essentials to add to your fall decor (but that'll mix and match into every season seasonally, too) + a few Halloween extras. The second drop in late September will add a few more curated entertaining pieces for the holiday season. For those thinking WAY ahead - Christmas will launch in October. Let's dive in, shall we?

First up, the presido matte terracotta vase - maybe a new favorite, ever. This vase is everything textured goodness + timeless. My thought for her was styled into a table scape with a few fresh eucalyptus branches on the thanksgiving table, tbh - or sitting perfectly on your entryway console. Her, paired with our ford stripe cotton napkins - gah !

Next, the brooke acacia wood cutting board. Substantial enough in size to accommodate a pretty charcuterie as a pre holiday dinner, or serving up a homemade loaf of sourdough, she's kinda just perfect and will move from fall to summer seamlessly. When not in use, layer on the countertop or shelf for a little kitchen extra.

Would it be fall without FALL fragrance ? These two speak for themselves - for those of you who purchased fall last year - it's the same delicious fragrance, we're just adding a candle this year too ! Grab them quick, these go fast !

Next up, the winn mango wood bowl. My thought for Winn, as a catch all in the entry way or on the coffee table - left empty. Or full of apples + pears on the kitchen island. The natural wood tone + carved texture just really felt fall - she's one I'm definitely keeping for myself, too.

KK - HALLOWEEN ! You know it's never been my favorite - but I wanted to curate a few items for those of you who LOVE it + ending up finding a few things I want to add to my own home too. We're adding four items to the shoppe this Halloween season, I really feel like each can be used year after year + mixed into your current decor very easily. Two of the pieces will work through Thanksgiving, too! PS: the owl, his name is Pete. ;)

I'm really, really excited about what's coming - we'll dive into PART TWO next week, yeah ? Drop a note, let me know what your picking up or what your favorite item is! Love you guys!

xx, Dani

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