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design workshop | part two

Hi ! Welcome back to week two of our design workshop. This week we're really going to focus on creating that dream space you've been hoping for with a curated FIVE STEP process. Below, you'll find a series of questions to get you thinking about very important design elements - feel, color, texture, what's working for you already, what isn't and what you can live without. This process might take a little longer than last week - feel free to open a note in your phone, print off a brainstorming sheet, use a post it - and keep jotting thoughts down throughout the week. While I created this handbook to really tackle an entire home, for time purposes, I'd love for you to choose one space in your home to zone into while we create together. I'm choosing our basement family room that's been put on the back burner for far too long now! Next week we're going to put the past two weeks note sheets into action by creating a specific plan and timeline for your project - I hope to see you then!

Let me show you how mine looks - and I'm just getting started. I love grabbing and saving images online that really capture how I want my space to look and feel.

Your copy here ;)

Happy designing! See you next week, xx - dani

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