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design workshop | part three

We're HALF WAY through getting started on your dream space! Clap for your freaking self - sometimes I think this part is the hardest. Last week we dove into noting how we wanted our space to feel, color choices, textures we're into and even what we could live without. We talked about what's working for us at home, and what isn't. I hope at this point when looking back on your note sheets from the last two weeks you've maybe got a picture in your head, or you even pinned images to your notes of spaces you feel drawn to. During week three, we're going to create a plan and a timeline. BIG things - right ?

First let's start with jotting down a few of our design goals. Since we know how we'd like the space to feel and hopefully an idea of how we want the space to look, let's start narrowing it down into specific and measurable goals. When asking yourself if this is relevant - I'm mostly looking for why it IS - we've learned how important it is that our spaces be relevant to our lives, but it's easy to get discouraged or even have someone tell you that it's not, try answering that box with why it is.

Next we'll break down our specific timeline by week. On the worksheet below I've allotted five weeks for our specific room / space. Feel free to adjust as needed, maybe you'll need more or less, depending on the size and depth of the project.

Week one is our prep week - we'll gather everything we need for our project. Thing painting supplies, paint, styling elements - whatever's needed so that once we dive in, we hopefully have everything we need to start and finish. *I am also the queen of making 1000 trips to Lowe's during a project, which ends up taking more time than if I'd just made myself a list from the get go, so, working on this*.

Weeks two, three and four are our working weeks. Maybe this is the time that you schedule specific work be done if you need to hire something out. Or where you are doing the manual labor yourselves. Again - here we're focusing on one space, this time frame may be longer if you are working on an entire home or even new construction.

Week five is our wrap up week - we're cleaning, styling and making any finishing touches before we really get to enjoy + live in it.

Use the worksheet below to jot down what you'd like to accomplish during each week - I've also included my own for reference below.

Any questions or need extra help? Drop a comment and I'll get back to you ASAP ! Next week we're going to create a budget, so get those calculators ready. Still so happy you are here. I love working + sharing together. xx - dani

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