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design workshop | part one

So you've got the HOME. And you have BIG IDEAS. Maybe some of them you've even completed. Others are half done. And there's some you haven't even known where to start - that's where I come in. Recently I completed my interior design certification + YEARS of being interior obsessed = me, really wanting to help you. I'm so happy you are here. A little run down, every Tuesday for the next six weeks we're going to dive into a design workbook process that I've created for YOU. And the best part, it's totally free + is really going to help you get started on those projects + learn a TON of new skills / tips / tricks of the trade. I hope it's a resource you'll be able to use with each project - starting from the top, down to the beautiful space you create.

Let's get started, shall we ?

This week is simple, we're starting with a short checklist to really start FEELING. Plan on taking about 10 minutes to think about each answer. Our homes, believe it or not, are made of feelings. + really being able to narrow down how we want each space to feel will help create a cohesive, beautiful and very YOU home. I've included the checklist here + a note sheet, if needed. Feel free to save a copy, print it off, mark it up. It's yours.

Guess what? You just started. Any questions, drop a comment in the box and I'll get back to you ASAP. Hope to see you next week, xx - Dani

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