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design workshop | part four

Welcome back ! Hopefully that extra week between parts three + four of our design workbook helped you really hone in on our goal for your space. This week we're going to talk about creating a budget for our project. At this point you should have a good idea of what you are wanting to accomplish, how you want the space to look + feel and an estimated time frame in which we'll accomplish it. Let's come up with a budget. Using the sheet below - simplify the process by outlining the following:

For step two, if you're planning on hiring the work out - this is a great time to start calling around to get estimated bids on what needs to be completed. I always recommend at least THREE bids per contractor / handyman / designer to decide on the fairest price. I'll include a note sheet here too for jotting down names / phone numbers + bids. Refer back to weeks one + two to be able to outline to your contractor / designer / handyman on exactly what you'd like done + your design goals.

That'll get us ready for week five where I'll share a HUGE list of resources for all of my design projects - for FREE ! This will include clickable links for items / paint / furniture I use over + over again in my projects. I'm really excited to offer this to you guys! Drop a comment below with any questions, I'm happy to help ! Thanks for being here, see you next week ! xx.

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